Make your AI
more human

Choosing to train your engine with Flitto DataLab’s multilingual language datasets means training your engine alongside 13 million users from around the world who actively participate in Flitto’s crowdsourcing platform. No matter what background or language group you need, experience the difference Flitto’s language datasets can bring to your service.


Revolutionize Your Business with Flitto DataLab

Flitto DataLab's bilingual contributors, professional translators, and in-house linguists work together to improve the fluency and accuracy of your machine translation in any domain, whether you are building an advanced machine translation engine or preparing to launch your service to a global audience.

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  • From Corpus to

    solution image FOR MACHINE TRANSLATION

    Flitto DataLab’s massive and scalable parallel text data is accumulated by the collective effort of over 2,000 professional translators and 13 million global contributors. Whether you seek quality machine translation services or appropriate localization for your business, Flitto DataLab’s exceptional parallel corpus dataset has got you covered.

  • Speech Dataset

    solution image FOR STT & TTS

    Flitto DataLab’s high-quality multilingual speech dataset can take your engine to the next level of sophistication. We collect speech data tailored to your needs, adjusting speech methods for each purpose, calibrating the noise conditions of each collection, and providing demographic metadata and transcription data for the dataset. Bridge the gap between written and spoken languages with Flitto DataLab.

  • Image Dataset for OCR

    solution image FOR OCR

    Flitto DataLab understands that accurate image detection, powered by an intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) engine, is key to the success of many modern technologies. Our comprehensive data-gathering platform enables us to accumulate diverse image data from all corners of the world. Imagine the difference it could make to your service.

  • Multi-Turn

    solution image FOR CONVERSATIONAL

    Make your chatbot smarter and more relevant, enable your virtual assistant to anticipate your customers' intended actions, and provide maximum satisfaction. Flitto DataLab collects conversational data tailored to your business, industry, and languages, designed to upgrade your conversational interface and make it more human.

  • Natural

    solution image FOR OTHER NLP SERVICES

    Flitto DataLab offers the most optimal natural language processing (NLP) solution that your service needs to better understand everyday human language. From annotating to transcribing raw data, our NLP services enable you to extract insights, gauge and analyze customer sentiment, and successfully upgrade or even automate your service.

  • 98.2%

    Score in quality evaluation

    Based on binary acceptance criteria by qualified linguists

  • 83%

    Reduction in project duration

    Client’s in-house team vs. Flitto DataLab

  • 61%

    Reduction in total cost

    Client’s in-house team vs. Flitto DataLab

Values that define Flitto DataLab

  • Quality

    99.8% accuracy, audited by National Information Society Agency (NIA)

  • Trust

    Confidentiality maintained throughout each project

  • Diversity

    Inclusion of all collaborators

  • Integrity

    Prioritization of personal information and copyrights

Unlock More Potential with Flitto DataLab

  • Translation Corpus

    Boost the potential of your machine translation engine.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Learn more about Flitto DataLab’s natural language processing solutions.

Ready to move forward?

  • Off-the-shelf Data

    Explore the difference our voluminous library of dataset could bring to your AI-powered services.

  • Data Collection Project

    Kickstart a customized data collection project targeting exactly the audience you have in mind.

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