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All-inclusive language data platform

Flitto DataLab's flexible and scalable platform, with a wide user base and professional in-house linguist lab, allows for an all-inclusive, diverse portfolio of services that meet your data needs. From data consulting to collection and evaluation, Flitto DataLab provides the right end-to-end data solutions for your business' success.

Flitto Language DaaS (Data-as-a-Service)

Flitto DataLab covers the entire lifecycle of language AI models.

  • Data Consulting

    Data design and structuring

    Data discovery and sourcing

    Data and cost projection

  • Data Collection

    Crowdsourced collection (text, speech, image data)

    Human-engine collaboration

  • Data Evaluation

    Quality assurance and control

    Data segment evaluation

    Comprehensive comparative evaluation

    Acceptability Test

    Preference Test

    Proof-editing (PE) process

Values that define Flitto DataLab

Flitto DataLab, through its extensive industry know-how in the field of translation and linguistics, has access to 3 million language experts worldwide. A select team of in-house linguists further guarantees foolproof results. These are the values Flitto DataLab promises to offer our clients.

  • Quality

    Accurate, precise, and reliable data is crucial for our customers’ business success, and Flitto DataLab provides data of exceptional quality with no legal issues. Our data is methodically devised, collected, and honed to fulfill the specific demands of your business endeavors.

  • Trust

    Trust is the cornerstone of Flitto DataLab’s business operations. We make it a priority to protect our customers’ information and guarantee transparency in regards to data sources, collection methods, and accuracy measures. Experience the difference our service provides with unparalleled confidentiality and responsiveness.

  • Diversity

    At Flitto DataLab, we source our data from a broad spectrum of users, ensuring a more comprehensive and accurate representation of the language and its speakers. We embrace diversity, prevent cultural insensitivity and biases, and mitigate the risk of negative stereotypes to make our solutions and services more inclusive and accessible.

  • Integrity

    As a platform-based data provider with a global user base, Flitto DataLab is committed to upholding ethical conduct, ensuring data privacy and accuracy, maintaining the confidentiality of data and processes, and being transparent and responsible in all actions. We promise to continuously assess and improve our level of integrity for your success.

Data Project Workflow

Project Creation

Professional Linguist Review


The Golden Set is a unique user moderation method devised by Flitto to vet qualified users.

At the forefront of our endeavors lies the unwavering commitment to protect your data and information.

Flitto DataLab strictly abides by the principle of non-disclosure, and every single project is treated with utmost care to ensure confidentiality for our clients. We make sure to protect the data of our collaborators and users, just as we do with our clients, and strictly limit our data use to what they have consented to provide.

Unlock more potential with Flitto DataLab

  • Translation Corpus

    Boost the potential of your machine translation engine.

  • Other NLP Services

    Learn more about Flitto DataLab’s natural language processing solutions.

Ready to move forward?

  • Off-the-shelf Data

    Explore the difference our voluminous library of dataset could bring to your AI-powered services.

  • Data Collection Project

    Kickstart a customized data collection project targeting exactly the audience you have in mind.

Flitto DataLab

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CPO Simon Lee

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Address (06173) 6F, 20 Yeongdong-daero 96-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (169 Samsung-dong)

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