Flitto DataLab’s global scale of operation

Headquartered in Seoul, Flitto operates regional offices and cooperates with partners around the world.

Our Milestones

    • 2023

      • 11

        Awarded the “Presidential Commendation” at the 24th Software Industry Day

      • First simultaneous translation-based multilingual solution “Chat Translation” released in South Korea, and "CT Engine" development completed

    • 2022

      • 12

        Awarded the Science and ICT Minister's Award of the 13th Korea Data Awards - Data Business Category

      • Participated in “Parallel Corpus Data Project for Korean-8 Languages - Russian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Khmer, Tagalog and Uzbek” (National Institute of the Korean Language)

      • 06

        Won the Chairman Award (Artificial Intelligence Industry Association) of Korea Artificial Intelligence Industry Awards

      • 05

        Launched Flitto Place service

    • 2021

      • 12

        Launched Flitto Lite service (AI translation + crowdsourced translation)

      • 06

        Participated in "Building Multilingual Colloquial Translation Corpus AI Data Project” of the National Information Society Agency (NIA, South Korea)

    • 2020

      • 04

        Selected by the Financial Times as one of “Asia-Pacific’s High-Growth Companies of 2020”

    • 2019

      • 12

        Obtained ISO 9001 Certification with “Professional Translation Service” (HQ, South Korea)

      • 07

        Listed on KOSDAQ (300010)

    • 2018

      • 07

        Established Flitto Japan office in Tokyo, Japan

      • 05

        Launched Arcade and Corpus management system

    • 2017

      • 01

        Won the China UK Entrepreneurship Challenge at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

    • 2016

      • 11

        Received the Golden Bear Award from Baidu

    • 2015

      • 03

        Established Flitto China office in Beijing, China

    • 2014

      • 02

        Started participatory linguistics data service

    • 2013

      • 01

        Selected as the most anticipated startup in 2013 by Silicon Valley IR

    • 2012

      • 09

        Established Flitto Inc.
        Launched crowdsourced translation platform

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Flitto DataLab’s Vision

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I'd like to highlight the vital role of data in advancing the AI industry, especially in natural language processing (NLP) and related services that positively impact lives globally. We take pride in our integrated platform, collaborating with our worldwide user base to generate high-quality up-to-date language datasets. Through innovative and precise NLP solutions, we aim to facilitate seamless communication, overcome language barriers, and promote global unity. Flitto's commitment to data excellence drives our vision of an AI-empowered future.

Jingu Kim, Flitto CDO

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