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    Flitto DataLab is dedicated to discovering and collaborating on cutting-edge NLP technologies. By working closely with partners who are pioneers in this field, we believe we can lead the market through the synergy of our combined skills. Join our technology partnership community to explore new opportunities for collaboration between your technological expertise and Flitto DataLab. Together, we can develop innovative solutions that drive progress and create value. Join us and become a part of our thriving community.

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    Flitto DataLab is a fast-growing data solution provider seeking capable and trustworthy channel partners to join our journey. Partnering with us means a solid springboard for growth - expand your portfolio with high-quality data or target new markets for increased revenue and market share. We take pride in delivering exceptional value and working closely with partners to ensure successful collaborations. Join us to discuss more opportunities together.

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    Flitto DataLab collaborates closely with research and academic institutions worldwide to advance the field. We are dedicated to proposing and developing various sponsorship activities and joint research programs that further progress in the industry. We invite you to explore new opportunities with us by applying for a partnership that fosters mutual growth between academia and industry. Join us and let’s work together to drive innovation and make a meaningful impact.

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    Explore the difference our voluminous library of dataset could bring to your AI-powered services.

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    Kickstart a customized data collection project targeting exactly the audience you have in mind.

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