If you are a professional in the ICT industry or are an enthusiast looking to stay updated with the latest technology, you are probably as excited we are for this year’s upcoming GITEX Global and Expand North Star in Dubai.

Following previous years’ success, this year’s mega expo expects to welcome hundreds of enterprises worldwide as they bring state-of-the-art technological products and services to showcase.

With these highly anticipated expos commencing very soon, let’s look into what you can expect to see in this year’s GITEX Global 2023 and Expand North Star in Dubai.

What is GITEX Global?

GITEX Global, wherein “GITEX” stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, is one of the world’s biggest and most renowned tech events. The Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy hosts this global expo annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Inaugurated in 1981, the expo is currently one of the most well-renowned events in the ICT industry. In 2022, GITEX Global hosted more than 5,000 companies from all over the world, with 170,000 visitors attending the venue.

There is an extensive list of events that stem from the GITEX Global ecosystem. The holistic expo covers ten specific sub-events across topics such as green technology, Web3, fintech, and more.

GITEX Global ecosystem

Powered by its cross-border influence, GITEX has also branched out into different regions, like GITEX Africa to be held in Morocco in 2024.

What can you expect to see in GITEX Global 2023?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is one among major central themes to unite this year’s GITEX Global Dubai expo.

GITEX Global has hosted influential tech conferences with some of the world’s best minds as speakers throughout its history. As attendees, we can expect 21 conference tracks with tech leaders and policymakers as they debate and tackle important topics in today’s technological landscape.

This year, along with its enormous 41 halls of exhibition spaces, GITEX Global works around the theme: The Year to Imagine AI in Everything, highlighting how the new tech has settled into our daily lives and continues to revolutionize the world as we know it.

GITEX Global slogan

GITEX Global 2023 vs. Expand North Star: What are the differences?

As two influential events with overlapping time and different venues, grasping the similarities and differences of GITEX Global and Expand North Star can be a bit tough at first.

To summarize, Expand North Star is a part of the GITEX Global ecosystem. While the latter encompasses broad industries across the entirety of ICT, Expand North Star specifically focuses on start-ups. It’s important to consider these characteristics if you’re considering to exhibit or planning to get a visitor’s pass.

As for the date and venue, GITEX Global 2023 Dubai will take place on October 16 to 20 in Dubai World Trade Centre, while North Star Dubai 2023 will commence on October 15 through 18 in Dubai Harbour, its new venue.

About Expand North Star Dubai

Expand North Star, also known as North Star Dubai, is a giant expo that focuses on emerging start-ups. The start-up expo is one among the most anticipated event tracks along with GITEX Global.

Previously, North Star Dubai used to be a sub-event under GITEX Global with the name GITEX Future Stars. However, with the expo growing exponentially with growing demands, it spun off to be the current North Star Dubai as we know it. The start-up expo is currently a large-scale event on its own, with a mega-venue allocated for this year’s exhibition.

North Star Dubai aims to attract over 1,000 investors with over 1,800 registered start-ups to exhibit in the event.

If you’re a part of the start-up community, North Star Dubai will offer exclusive benefits including the opportunity to connect with over 1,000 investors, meet accelerators and incubators, and find mentors.

As visitors, you’ll have a choice of attending over 90 sessions across the holistic agenda within the event.

For investors, the event will host a systematic investors programme with innovative features including a strategic match-making system, where VCs, investors, and angels can get to talk to up-and-coming start-ups. Moreover, the forum and conference programs at the expo will offer you with a potent opportunity for networking.

Highlights from North Star Dubai 2022 include over 2,400 meetings arranged between start-ups and investors, with half the number of investors planning to invest an average of over USD 1.5 million. These figures showcase the high anticipation for the event within the start-up scene.

Supernova Challenge 2023

The Supernova Challenge is a pitch competition exclusive for Expand North Star exhibitors to join.

The competition tags itself as “the biggest start-up pitch competition in the world.” True to this tagline, it is a significant competition within the start-up scene of many Asian regions including the Middle East, South Asia, and East Asia, as well as Africa.

Apart from the Overall Supernova Champion who can take USD 2,000,000 as the prize, there are 14 award categories:

  • Sustainability and ESG Disruptor
  • AI Disruptor
  • Fintech and E-commerce Disruptor
  • Blockchain and Web3 Disruptor
  • Mobility and Smart Cities Disruptor
  • Healthtech and Wellness Disruptor
  • Martech Disruptor
  • Insurtech Disruptor
  • Female Founder Award
  • YouthX Award
  • Africa Fast Award
  • Asia Fast Award
  • India Fast Award
  • Top MENA Award

This diverse line-up of categories allow diverse start-ups and entrepreneurs to participate in the challenge.

Flitto is coming to Expand North Star 2023 in Dubai

As a leading data provider to some of the world’s most popular AI services, Flitto can’t miss the chance to participate in the event to connect with other emerging industry leaders.

Team Flitto will be exhibiting in Expand North Star 2023, happening this October 15 through 18 in Dubai Harbour, UAE. Here, we’ll be showcasing our diverse and specifically-tailored language data solutions for AI products.

Flitto at North Star Dubai: H2-E20, Hall 2

Flitto’s booth will be located in H2-E20 of Hall 2. We’re more than thrilled to meet and connect with you!

About Flitto

Flitto offers the right data solution that can scale AI like no other.

With 14 million users including 300,000+ translators and linguists from around the world, Flitto’s crowdsourcing platform is a multilingual language data-generating powerhouse.

Here in Flitto DataLab, the data solution department of Flitto, our mission is to enhance AIs so that they can take their users even further; because ultimately, we believe that the technologies that humans develop should be for humans.

Through this upcoming expo, we look forward to meeting with AI innovators from around the world to realize a world where no language is left unduly underrepresented in AI services.

Flitto DataLab

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