AI is no longer a fancy laboratory terminology. The cool thing about AI technology is that benchmark technologies can be utilized to create several other useful online AI tools. This was the case of large language models with chatbots, translation tools, and text generation software.

More programs are accessible now that AI has evolved across different fields. These applications have branched out extensively. Today, you’ll most likely be able to find at least one solution that meet your specific needs. We can now make use of tools that use highly-advanced AI technologies with a single click.

This blog post covers some online AI tools and applications that are simple, elegant, and fun. But because there are so many AI tools available nowadays, we tried to keep the list succinct.

Our list will contain online AI tools that:

  • explicitly involve artificial intelligence or AI technology, including machine learning mechanisms
  • do not require payments or installments to experience their full benefits
  • are straightforward and fun, while also giving users a clue on how far AI tech has come.

Without further ado, let’s explore the list one by one.

Namelix – An Online Business Name Generator

It takes a lot of time, effort, and inspiration to come up with an appealing name and logo for your brand.

Namelix is a free online AI tool that can whip up ideas for brand names and logos. While it might not be a full alternative to professionals, the drafts it creates might be what you need to kickstart your imagination.

How to use Namelix to create your own brand name

First, visit its website, where you can type in the important keywords for your business.

Just give it a prompt, as short as a single keyword, and this clever AI tool will utilize its neural network to come up with suggestions on what to name your next brand.

By clicking Generate, you will find the guidelines for the styles for your new brand name.

You can select some options once you provide it with some initial keywords.

The unique factor about this AI tool is that it does more than just combine dictionary words. You can prompt it to coin new words and phrases that provide unique values to your new brand.

According to the website, Namelix can learn your preferences and adjust its algorithms accordingly over time. This increases your chances of finding a brand name that fits your specific needs.

Brand names and logos suggested by Namelix with the keywords: “Language data for AI”

This application seems to utilize at least two modals in the AI generative model: Text and image. It takes in information from the given word or phrase and comes up with related words to use in the brand name.

If you find a name or design that really piques your interest, just make sure to give it a search online to avoid unintentional plagiarism from other brands.

Spaces on Hugging Face – A Hub for the Latest Machine Learning Applications

Hugging Face is a fast-growing machine learning community platform where people can collaborate on various AI development activities.

There are many ways to exploit this diverse and open platform. Machine learning engineers and enthusiasts use this platform to share their own model or data projects and also to have a look at other people’s works.

In particular, Hugging Face Spaces is where users can find trending AI applications built and shared by the Hugging Face community.

User interface for Spaces on Hugging Face

This space is a hub for users and visitors to take a closer look into AI tools before they are launched as an official standalone application.

Exploring the applications on Hugging Face Spaces is super straightforward: Visit the website, and click on the application that interests you!

While this collection of online AI applications is easy to access and open to all, the terms they use might not be as easy or non-techie-friendly as some other tools on the list.

But by exploring some more, you’ll be able to find some hidden gems in here. Like this one right up next:

AI Comic Factory – An Online Comic Creator

AI Comic Factory is one among very well-known online AI tools within the Hugging Face community. In fact, this fun comic creator has been in the top trending spot for several weeks.

This application uses a language model called Zephyr-7b-beta, a model also available in Hugging Face, to create a story for the prompt. Meanwhile, its creator has disclaimed that the application’s default diffusion model, LCM SDXL, may not always guarantee high-quality image outputs.

The code for this application is open to public, which means you can modify it to deploy your own similar model!

Comics page created with the prompt: “Italian chef attempts to enter the world of Japanese cuisine.”

Flitto AI+ – The Next Generation of Machine Translation Services

If you’re a curious cat, you’ll perhaps often find yourself with a block of interview, lyrics, or random recipes only available in a language you don’t speak.

Flitto AI+ is Flitto’s very own free online machine translation service that boast enhanced capabilities and functionalities.

Because it functions on Flitto’s advanced neural machine translation engine that is regularly trained with freshly created language data for AI, it is able to translate texts in a more fluent and accurate manner.

You can choose among several translation options for a more tailored translation output.

One of the defining features in Flitto AI+ is the range of translation styles that users can choose. Simply click the style dropdown at the bottom of the page and select the style of text before clicking Translate.

Flitto AI+ is equipped with two types of generative AI models. The two systems, neural machine translation engine (NMT) and a large language model (LLM), effectively supplement each other’s weaknesses when it comes to fluency and accuracy.

Fluent and accurate Korean-English translation generated by Flitto AI+ under News option

If you have some international texts ready, you can check it out through this link here.

Emoji Generator – Create Your Own Emoji

The Emoji Generator is a freemium online AI tool brought by a small team of engineers who introduce themselves as AlexArchie and Jesse.

Sometimes, the emojis we’re given don’t feel enough. Using this AI tool, users can create a new emoji in just a matter of seconds.

The user interface on the website is straightforward. All you have to do is type in some keywords, and the generator will take care of the rest of the work.

Under the free option, a user is given three Emoji options a day; which is a decent number to try and get creative on the tool.

Some featured emojis on the Emoji Generator

Ideogram – Image Generator That Can Also Write

Ideogram is a free AI tool that can generate images using text prompts. There are a lot of online AI tools out there akin to Ideogram; However, the surprising thing that put Ideogram at the center of attention from its inception was its unprecedented capacity to generate images of texts.

According to its introductory page, Ideogram has built its own foundation model, the Ideogram v0.1 and v0.2, that can render readable text in images.

For those who may not know, text image creation is a notoriously challenging task for image generation models. AI art generators use pattern recognizing and prediction to generate images based on the image data they were trained with. In other words, an AI model can only create based on its best guess.

Midjourney’s attempt to write the phrase: “Beware: Dog”

Letters, like alphabets, are highly intricate. Many of the previous publicly available image generation models could only attempt to combine lines and curves so that they resembled texts. Hand image generation was a challenging benchmark due to similar reasons.

For this reason, Ideogram is not only a fun online AI tool, but also an important indicator of how much machine learning technology has evolved.

How to use Ideogram to generate an image with text

To create an image using Ideogram, you will have to create an account.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to a page where you can type a prompt.

This prompt can be as detailed or simple as you like. To make the process simpler, Ideogram offers several options where you can just click to achieve a certain effect, including “typography” and “graffiti.”

For instance, let’s type in: “3D poster that says “Flitto DataLab” featuring a Russian Blue cat wearing a lab coat experimenting with flasks filled with chemicals, photo” as a prompt.

Select Remix to create a new batch of images

We are given four output images, from which we can choose the output that we like the most.

But because the text looks off in our first try, we can click on Remix to generate a new set of images based on the image we chose. This will open a new pop-up screen where we can add more instructions.

Adjust the image weight (or how much you want the the new images to resemble the original one) and the prompt as necessary. You can repeat this process for as much as you like, until you get a satisfying output.

Final output

Any output you generate using Ideogram is free for you to use. As of November 2023, Ideogram’s Terms of Service page mentions that each user is given their full right to use their outputs for their own purposes, including commercial use.

BandLab SongStarter

Let’s move on to another usage of multimodal online AI tools.

Text and image generation models are well known to have improved a lot. As much as they have, AI music tools also exhibit great functionality.

One example is BandLab SongStarter, an aptly named AI tool specifically designed to get the musicians’ creative juices flowing.

The straightforward call-to-action allows visitors to choose a broad genre to start with

The starting prompt leads to a new page with a newly generated song

With each new click, the AI tool creates an original 30-second composition for users to get inspired by.

While it’s a free online app that allows visitors to generate music with no limitations, SongStarter also boasts its multimodal functionalities by providing lyrics input option for signed-in users.

Wrapping up…

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine our lives without AI technology.

Today, AI is also a useful tool in helping human creators get more creative, whether by providing some more fun, or streamlining creative processes. To this, language data and natural language processing solutions are crucial in keeping these AI tools safe and bringing them further.

As a leading data solution company for language models, we’re excited to see more of these developments bring inspirations for more people.

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